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What is Related Faces?


Easily upload photos to our system, and fill in any details you know about the photograph and those in it.

Sit back and watch the magic, as our patented processes map faces and create profiles. Each face is compared to every other face in our database, including from the United States Library of Congress.


Faces with a high level of similarity are presented to you as potential matches. You decide if the faces in a pairing are a match.

It’s a Match! With each match you may:

  • Identify unknown people in photos
  • Receive a new photo containing family and/or friends
  • Receive previously unknown information about someone
  • Collaborate with other users and maybe even reconnect with long-lost family
  • Preserve and possibly re-write your family history


Our proprietary technology can help you identify unknown people in photos by giving context to who else appears in photos with them, and by collaborating with others who may have the same person in their own photos. As our community grows, so does the number of potential matches and the chances to solve you photo mysteries.


Related Faces offers great features to help you organize and analyze!

  • Build profiles for your people, even ones unknown to you
  • Organize your photos into Photo Boxes – You pick the color!
  • Organize your people into Photo Albums – You pick the color!
  • Multiple ways to correct mistakes

We won’t leave you wondering what to do

  • Comprehensive Help document
  • Answers to those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Have a unique question? Send it to us through Contact Us

Our site is easy to use and is ADA compliant for color and content.

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