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Our Family

Founder and CEO Tina LaFreniere and husband John

Tina LaFreniere is the founder and CEO of Related Faces Technologies. She a graduate of The University of Houston where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. She is a former Assistant Vice President and Production Manager for a mortgage brokerage firm in Dallas, Texas. Tina began her genealogical journey over 15 years ago and along the way has inherited thousands of photos from her family, hundreds with no identification. These photos were the inspiration for Related Faces back in 2018 when she conceived the idea for Related Faces, and the site was launched in February of 2022. Tina is a member of the Genealogical Society of Collier County, Florida, the National Genealogical Society and The Photo Managers Group.

Tina offers free webinar classes to genealogical and historical organizations. To learn more please email [email protected].

Inspiration and Board Member John Schlobohm and wife Linnea

John comes from the steel and petroleum industry where he is well respected and a published author. John also owned a retail electronics business in Indiana for many years and advises the team on small business issues. John and Linnea recently celebrated their 60th wedding aniversary. John is Tina’s father and playing the “who’s in this photo” game with him is part of what lead to the creation of Related Faces.